Architect and java developer contractor freelance rate Stockholm and Sweden

For Stockholm the rate is

  • minimum 750 sek swedish crowns per hour.
  • everything under this rate is seen as suspicious from both contractors and buyers.
  • the reality is that 850 sek is the rate if the consultant has more than 3 years experience in all required niche technologies
  • 950 if the consultant has more than 5 years experience in all required niche technologies.

The rate should be increased by one per cent for each week of delay for the payment.

You obtain 4% more if you are paid four weeks netto.

For Malmö, Gothenborg and all of Sweden:

  • everything under 700 is seen as suspicious and gives a warning signal to both buyers and contractors.
  • 750 sek is the rate if the consultant has more than 3 years experience in all required niche technologies
  • 850 if the consultant has more than 5 years experience in all required niche technologies.
  • most government agencies has 850 sek per hour .

It professions, no programming required

The IT world is completely changed, new professions have emerged in the last 10 years. Other already existing ones have reached a new good maturity level.

  • Graphic design: many designers have no programming knowledge whatsoever. If you’re interested in both design and coding, you’ll be happy to know that there’s a programming language for designers called Processing.
  • User Experience (UX).
  • User Interface (UI) Specialist
  • Gaming technical artist
  • Localization QA Coordinator: controls the linguistic and localisation quality for games or other applications. Ensures a perfect game experience in all or one supported languages. Coordinates linguistic testing.
  • Technology outreach, Mentor, Evangelist
  • Technical writing: Programs, websites, scripts, and nearly every other type of product need extensive documentation. It can be instructions for users, requirements for developers, press releases, technical reports, specifications, or a wide range of other types of documents.
  • Growth hacker
  • Content Marketing Manager. Also creating content (e.g., a video) and campaigns that stir the market into a frenzy.
  • Partnership manager
  • Recruitment fellow
  • Teacher
  • Networked Storage Technologies (NAS, SAN, etc.)
  • Enterprise Resource Planning software (especially SAP)
  • Network Convergence Technologies (Voice, Video, Data & high-speed QoS infrastructures)
  • Data Analyst – Monetization
  • Game Economics Manager
  • Customers support
  • Community manager
  • Agile tools are good to posses even if you do not code. A web developer can with prophit use a source code version tool for many purposes.

Here you have a toolset that may help you in the choice.


These are career paths for you with a background in selling, retails, shops, sales, logistics for retails, buyer:

  • Game Economics Manager
  • Business Development / Sales: Masters the acquisition of new media partners and websites for companies applications/games. Gains in-depth insight into the development and maintenance of global contacts relevant to sales. Negotiates conditions and framework agreements with partners.
  • Marketing and sales
    In the tech world apart from many other fields is that companies are often in tune with up-and-coming methods of marketing and advertising, and this can be appealing to many people who want to work in tech without programming. For example, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, pay-per-click advertising, content marketing, web production, and social media marketing are all important fields that are relatively new within marketing and advertising that tech companies are likely to be hiring for. Some of them require more technical knowledge than others, but they all benefit from having a good understanding of the technology that the company is selling.

These are career paths for you with a strong background in coding if you do not want to code any more:

  • Product/Program Manager.
  • Project Manager.
  • QA / Testing (good testers are worth their weight in gold).
  • Build Engineering (this stuff is hard).
  • System Administrator.
  • Technical Sales.
  • Technical Writer.
  • Business Analyst / Programming Analyst

An try to avoid this.