JMH alternatives : REPL time, linux perf

Expanding on previous articles about measuring with JMH

Besides using the calls to System nanoseconds and millis …
There exist some tools for a quick feedback about the performance of your java JVM code.

You can use the time command in the REPL
class Nothing {
public static void main(String[] args) {

Compile with:
> javac

and run:

> time java Nothing

real 0m0.104s
user 0m0.079s
sys 0m0.019s

It is better to use perf then. You can run the command several times. You can also choose among many different categories of statistics. You need to be root.This is an example which runs the program 100 times:

sudo perf stat -e cpu-clock -r50 java HeeloWorld
Hello World! # printed 100x

Performance counter stats for ‘java HeeloWorld’ (100 runs):

190.546723 cpu-clock (msec) # 0.992 CPUs utilized ( +- 0.91% )

0.265467836 seconds time elapsed ( +- 1.49% )

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